• Prot-Eco Kenpyr

Prot-Eco Kenpyr is a mixture of nutrients of natural origin and factors for the development of the plant, containing chrysanthemum extract (Pyrethrin). It acts by contact controlling large number of pests, it is not selective. It is totally bio degradable and leaves no residue on the flower. It can be used until a few days before collection. Rich in mineral and nutritional elements.


Prot-Eco Kenpyr is a plant fortifying phyto that has a very negative impact on a large number of insects and mites by contact, such as: aphids, mites, lepidoptera, etc. Through activation of plant enzymes, Kenpyr promotes processes of plant defense and vegetative regeneration.


Kenpyr acts effectively on: whitefly, aphid, thrips, mealybugs, mites, caterpillars ... It is a great biological tool for controlling flower and leaf caterpillars. Combined or mixed with BOTRYPROT prevents rotting in advanced flowering (very common in cannabiculture due to caterpillars and / or weather). Usable outdoors, indoors and greenhouse. Recommended product for organic crops and integrated fighting. It is recommended to mix it with AZAPROT regularly (and / or with BACILPROT 32 Mill at the first symptoms of caterpillar appearance) for absolute control of parasites in the crop.


Foliar application: 1-2 ml / L with intervals of 10 to 15 days until the disappearance of the pest. Ph: 6.5 / 7 mix. Wet the entire crop well including flowers and undersides of the leaves. Do not mix or treat in alkaline medium. Photodegradable product, apply in low light hours. Shake well before use.

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Prot-Eco Kenpyr

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