• Vaporizador xvape Vital para hierbas

Vaporizer xvape Vital for herbs is very popular vaporizer with an average of more than 4 stars.


This unit has a ceramic bedroom to distribute heat and avoid hot spots. Thanks to its Oled screen, you can adjust by temperature any temperature between 100 and 240º C. In the bedroom it fits up to half a gram of dry grass. The integrated timer controls how long it will take to warm up. The bubbler accessory (Crystal Bong) behaves like a filter to make the shedding softer. The 14mm water pipe adapter can also be added for even more filtration.


The cleaning frequency of the Vital xvape Vitalizer changes with use. For large consumers, it is recommended once a week. To clean the Vital vaporizer, use a brush and remove the excess weed. Then clean the chamber with a little alcohol.


    Ceramic bedroom
    Oled display with temperature control by grade.
    Optional glass bong (bubbler) and 14mm water pipe adapter

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Vaporizador xvape Vital para hierbas

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